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The right Aroma creates an ambience that instantly evokes the tranquillity and helps as a mood booster. Aromatherapy is a well know science & is being used since ancient times. We specialize in selecting the right Aromas that help to relax emotions, spirituality, purity and calmness within you. These aromas certainly do help in Meditation as well. We do offer select Aromas in form of Candles, Incense Sticks ,Dhoop Sticks & Wax Tablets. We always focus on Eco & nature friendly elements & have Special Effective Aromas in our products  .

So, always buy the right aroma Products that can serve your purpose. 

We are the leading manufacturers of unique, conceptual & exquisite aroma Products. We offer a wide range of products that includes-

  • Incense sticks that are Charcoal free, produce a tranquillizing aromatherapy effect and help eliminate the negative energy.
  • Dhoop Sticks are Bamboo Free & we have tried to take the aroma to next level.
  • Hand Made Scented Wax Tablets or Sachets.
  • Natural Soy Wax candles that are made up of eco-friendly and energizing scented Aroma oil-infused ingredients & Lead-Free Wicks.

We have got it all whenever you want to pamper yourself with daily aromatherapy at home, casual-cool party mood, or want to revamp your home for a family ritual.

Our Speciality

  • Carefully Selected Aromas that are Effective.
  • No Harsh Aroma notes.
  • Focus on Eco & Nature-friendly elements at all levels.
  • Our Aromas are long-lasting, soothing & help in creating a Calm & Peaceful Environment.
  • Low Smoke & Charcoal free Incense & Dhoop Sticks
  • The soy wax used is natural, low soot Paraffin Free.

Looking for the Best Premium Aroma Shop? You are most welcome at La aromas to explore our range of Aroma products in our online shopWith our Range Of Premium Products, get ready to pamper and relax your mind with divine Fragrances in different Forms.

Google Reviews
  • Chandan Singh Yadav AvatarChandan Singh Yadav

    Best product best quality.... - 10/08/22 

  • prakash chaudhari Avatarprakash chaudhari

    Ordered scented candles and dhoop sticks and loved them - 20/07/22 

  • Suman Gehlot AvatarSuman Gehlot

    Great aroma and fragrance - 07/07/22 

  • Юлия Фунтова AvatarЮлия Фунтова

    Really great place with fantastic smells. The most impressive is we were invited to the office to smell the fragrances and choose on the spot. The quality is awesome. I will recommend it to my friends. - 12/06/22 

  • Akshay Kachi AvatarAkshay Kachi

    Awesome products.. Specially Queen Berry scented candle...🌸 I like both products.. ✨ - 12/06/22 

  • Hanna Aksionava AvatarHanna Aksionava

    I really like the set of the products. The fragrances are amazing, so I found what I like. The owners was very polite and helped us with the variety of products
    Highly recommend! - 12/06/22 

  • Shardul Bade AvatarShardul Bade

    Great range of products developed by both the founders!
    The fragrance of the Kapur sticks is simply amazing as it is BHIMSENI which is also medically very useful in the CORONA situation.
    The packaging is well crafted, printed and is of international standards!
    Keep it up 👌 - 05/06/22 

  • Shiva Goparapu AvatarShiva Goparapu

    Authentic fragrance. The whole wardrobe has a pleasant fragrance every time I open it.Thank you. - 01/06/22 

  • gopal rao Avatargopal rao

    Mind blowing fragrance
    My mind and soul becomes so fresh
    I can't explain you
    Long lasting fragrance - 30/05/22 

  • Vishal Dusane AvatarVishal Dusane

    Products quality is awesome. Amazing fragrances that last a long time. It uplifts the mood and empowers the atmosphere. Packaging is also excellent. - 07/05/22 

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