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The right Aroma creates an ambience that instantly evokes the tranquility and helps as mood booster . Aroma therapy is a well know science & is being used from Ancient times. We specialize in selecting the right Aromas that helps to relax emotions, spirituality, purity and calmness within you. These aromas certainly do help in Meditation as well. We do offer select Aromas in form of Candles, Incense Sticks ,Dhoop Sticks & Wax Tablets. We always focus on Eco friendly & natural elements & so are our Premium products  .

So, always buy the right aroma Products that can serve your purpose.

We are the leading manufacturers of unique, conceptual & exquisite aroma Products. We offer a wide range of products that includes-

  • Incense sticks that are Charcoal free, produces a tranquilizing aroma therapy effect and helps eliminating the negative energy.
  • Dhoop Sticks are Bamboo less & we have tried to take aroma to next level.
  • Hand Made Scented Wax Tablets or Sachets.
  • Natural Soy Wax candles  that are made up of eco-friendly and energizing scented Aroma oil infused ingredients & Lead Free Wicks.

Aroma oilWhenever you want to pamper yourself with a daily aroma therapy at home, casual cool party mood or want to revamp your home for a family ritual, we have got it all.

Our Speciality

  • Carefully Selected Aromas which are Effective.
  • No Harsh Aroma notes.
  • Focus on Eco & Nature friendly elements at all levels.
  • Our Aromas are long lasting, soothing & helps in creating Calm & Peaceful Environment.
  • Listed for sale only after getting Proper feedback from Customers.
  • Charcoal Free Incense Sticks, Soy wax used which is natural & Petroleum Paraffin Free.

Looking for the Best Premium Aroma Shop near your vicinity? You are always welcome at La aromas to explore our range of Products on our online shop.

With our Premium Products get ready to pamper and relax your mind with divine Fragrances in different Forms.

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Google Reviews
  • Amol Nirban AvatarAmol Nirban

    Blissful fragrance of Dhoop sticks! Burning those sticks actually change the atmosphere in the house and lifts mood and brings in a kind of optimisam in the air! Very good delivery and support service as well 👏 - 14/01/22 

  • akshay khanvilkar Avatarakshay khanvilkar

    Very ancient and rare fragrances of incense sticks. The sticks smell very nice and gives a holistic healing. They are also 100% organic. Everybody should try incense sticks from la aromas. - 05/01/22 

  • Subhash Shivhare AvatarSubhash Shivhare

    Sare product bahut acche h... Or sath me mr abhay ji ka nature unke product se bhi jada accha laga mujhe.... - 30/12/21 

  • Aditya Acharya AvatarAditya Acharya

    Products and service is wonderful!!! - 16/12/21 


    Great products - 16/12/21 

  • VENKAT Pillay AvatarVENKAT Pillay

    Nice eco-friendly products, excellent fragrance and best pricing. - 15/12/21 

  • Samir Ghate AvatarSamir Ghate

    I have purchased La Aroma queen berry wax candle and incense sticks from Mr.Godbole.
    I found product very exciting and fragrant.
    It enhances morning mood very nicely. Also,one more fragrance can be added like musk.
    Samir Ghate - 05/12/21 

  • Sunil Godbole AvatarSunil Godbole

    Fragrance of all product is fresh n natural. Reasonable price,attractive packing, Especially Mesmerizing Rose n Tangy Pineapple Dhoop sticks quality is outstanding.
    Wax tablets product quality is excellent.
    . incense sticks burns up to end - 05/12/21 

  • Pradeep Satpute AvatarPradeep Satpute

    I met Mr. N Mrs. Kelkar. Their each products are designed in different way. It's yield of study n thoughts. Packing of product is above expectation. - 05/12/21 

  • javed malkani Avatarjaved malkani

    Awesome product.. Thank you so much for providing the unique fragrances.. - 05/10/21 

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