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The right Aroma creates an ambience that instantly evokes tranquillity and helps as a mood booster. Aromatherapy is a well know science & is being used since ancient times.

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Incense sticks πŸͺ· 🌾 πŸͺ·

We do not use harmful chemicals like White oil. Delightfully Soothing aroma helps in creating a calm & peaceful ambience. Carefully selected Aroma Notes which are not Harsh. Premium 9 Inch long sticks for Long burning time. Very helpful in meditation, Aroma therapy & Creating a positive Aura πŸ€—

Dhoop Sticks 🌹

Bamboo Less sticks hold more Fragrance. Charcoal Free & Low smoke Dhoop sticks. Traditional & new Blending of Aroma notes πŸ’


β€’ Using these sticks to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere is a great way to start your meditation session. β€’ The scent of lavender, rose, or sandalwood is known to be soothing and calming, making it a great choice for those new to meditation or struggling to relax their minds. β€’ The fragrance of certain incense sticks has been shown to stimulate the senses of smell and touch, which can help you stay focused during meditation sessions. β€’ Choose an incense stick that appeals to you for its aroma – some evoke feelings of peace and tranquillity, while others may induce feelings of bliss or happiness. Experiment until you find one that works best for you. β€’ Incense sticks can also help you to stay awake during long meditation sessions. β€’ They can be used in combination with other relaxation techniques, such as yoga or deep breathing exercises, to create a comprehensive meditation program. β€’ They are also helpful in promoting physical relaxation. πŸ€ 🌞 🏑

Wax Tablets or Wax Sachets

Made from Pure Soy wax which is biodegradable. Hand-poured Scented wax Tablets are to be kept or hung in Cupboards/drawers/study tables & wardrobes. Big size (60+ Grams) for extremely Long-lasting Aroma compared with other non-wax type air fresheners. Feel Refreshed every time you open the cupboard. Natural Wax blend & Nicely decorated visual appearance. It can be a Unique & excellent gift for your loved ones. Birthday gifts, housewarming gifts, Diwali gifts, Christmas gift etc. 🎁 πŸ›οΈ

Soy Wax Candles ❀️

Hand-poured nature-Friendly Soy wax Candles. Soy Wax used is soft & pure. lead-free cotton wicks are used to ensure a biodegradable and eco-friendly product ☘️ Our selected aroma blends, help to relax & relieve stress & giving a positive feel πŸŒ…, helping in Meditation as well. The soothing aroma helps in creating a calm & peaceful ambience. πŸ’ŽIdeal gift for your near ones

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The Best Quality Aroma Products & make your moments special & Joyful So is our Tag line - Bringing Joy to Life πŸ›’ 🎁 πŸ›οΈ 🎊 🎈

Google reviews from our Clients

  • Pravin Pore AvatarPravin Pore

    Excellent fragrance. - 26/12/22 

  • Kalyani Kulkarni AvatarKalyani Kulkarni

    Nice products and packaging - 26/12/22 

  • manali sant Avatarmanali sant

    Amezing fregnances....
    Very happy....highly recommend maysore rose - 20/12/22 

  • sachin surve Avatarsachin surve

    It's primium quality products and soothing's charcoal free...low smoke... - 15/12/22 

  • Madhuri Velagala AvatarMadhuri Velagala

    Excellent Aroma .Happy With the products.Worth Buying - 11/11/22 

  • Shietal Nandkumar Ingle FitAart24 AvatarShietal Nandkumar Ingle FitAart24

    I bought English Lavender candle … & wow what a aroma !! It’s so soothing , so refreshing & lasts for a longer time …can also feel the aroma after put out the candle …I just loved it β€¦πŸ€— - 10/11/22 

  • Kishor Wadaskar AvatarKishor Wadaskar

    Very nice product… highly recommended - 10/11/22 

  • Urmila Dabholkar AvatarUrmila Dabholkar

    Its really amazing product - 09/10/22 

  • Harshada Kalokhe AvatarHarshada Kalokhe

    Very soothing & refreshing fragrances along with good quality productsπŸ‘πŸ» - 09/09/22 

  • Kavita Ranadive AvatarKavita Ranadive

    Very good & nice fregnens I love it yekda try karun bagha Khatrine part magval. - 30/08/22 

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