Wax Tablets

Comparatively new Concept in India: Handcrafted Wax Tablets or sachets Infused with Natural Aroma Oils. Perfect for Closed Spaces like Cupboards, Closets, and Study Tables.Scented Wax Tablet

In our Cupboard Fresheners category, you’ll find a range of solutions to elevate the freshness of your wardrobe, closet, and cupboards. We offer an array of products designed to keep your clothes and the surrounding air smelling delightful and clean. Whether you’re looking to eliminate musty odors or simply maintain a pleasant atmosphere, our cupboard fresheners are the perfect addition to your home organization. Explore our selection and discover the best online options for a nicer, more fragrant living space.

Our Biodegradable Tablets are Petroleum-Free and Offer Fragrance for 2-4 Months. Explore Natural Scents like Vanilla, Strawberry, and Sandalwood. Make Any Occasion Special with Unique Gifts: 

For Usage guidelines, you can refer to our page ” Product Usage Guideline

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