It all started with a Dream to start the business of our own  in a very Eco-friendly way.

The Firm La Aromas is started by a women Entrepreneur Sayali A Kelkar who is Masters in finance & was working for a reputed Bank & is a home maker.

Our brand will be focused on offering Premium quality Aroma products at reasonable pricing. We intend to become strong global player with offerings in Aroma related products. We in all aspects are committed to bring nature friendly elements in our products.  We do intend to start in small way, maintain quality & consistency as we grow.

La Aromas Products not only spreads alluring fragrances, but also helps to lifts your mood, relaxes your mind and energizes you after a stressful day.

Hence our brand name is LA AROMAS Bringing Joy to Life.

To bring Aroma in life & have positive memorable Experience for all our Customers. We strive to do so by offering nature friendly aroma products.

To Emerge as a Strong Global player & exceed expectation of customers by offering nature friendly aroma products. Our focus will always be to Sustain & offer premium quality products at reasonable pricing. We would strive continuously to use nature friendly elements in our product formulations & add right products in our portfolio.

Trust, Integrity, Respect to people & commitment to customers.

Why Us

Product Quality

Quality in every aspect right from designs, raw material, vendor selection, Process controls and packaging.

Competitive Price

We strive to offer our clients best quality Aroma products at competitive prices without any compromise in quality standard.


Well Designed Packaging with superior quality material and equipment to ensure safety of the products in delivery.

Strong Vendor Base

We evaluate & select our vendors on the basis of certain key factors like quality of material used, Consistency in process, relevant industry expertise , lead time and capability to undertake bulk orders.

Timely Delivery

We understand the importance & have procedures to ensure delivery of the order within a stipulated time frame.

Client Satisfaction

We understand the needs and demands of our clients and offer solutions for the same & the satisfaction is ensured. We do adopt relevant suggestions from our clients which help us to improve.

Types of Products

Premium Aroma Candles

We do offer Natural Premium Soy Wax candles & specifically selected as it being eco friendly.
Why Soy wax

  • Soy wax is a renewable wax made from the oil in soybeans.
  • Most Preferred in the Western Countries.
  • Also being natural, it does not emit harmful chemicals, black soot like Paraffin. So, it burns clean.
  • Soy Wax burns slowly & evenly, so tend to burn longer.
  • Soy wax candles are a great choice for people practicing a vegan lifestyle.

Soy Wax is comparatively more difficult to work with & needs special care in Making it & so it needs better process controls & Skill. We offer Hand poured candles which has soothing & relaxing Aroma. Research has shown that Aroma therapy helps to ease Stress, Anxiety, depression & improved sleep.
Out of many available options, we have specially selected the effective aromas best suited to uplift the senses & give pleasant feeling. People can choose their favorite aroma Candles & we are sure it will be a fabulous Experience.
Aromas -Refreshing strawberry, Exotic Vanilla,  Fruity Burgemia, Blooming Buds & floral seduction.

Incense & Dhoop sticks

Our firm being committed for eco friendly means, we do offer Charcoal free & Comparatively Low note Premium Incense sticks. We prefer aroma to be soothing & relaxing, rather than strong notes which may lead to headache to some individuals.
Typical uses of Incense sticks

  • To deepen the concentration while Meditation.
  • To remove negative energy.
  • Helps to relax & unwind memories.
  • Fire is considered as one of the sacred elements in some rituals.
  • To connect to sense of spirituality.

Incense can be a great supplement to any yoga or meditation practice and burning them is a soothing ritual in itself. Burning the incense sticks are considered sacred in many communities.
We do offer some of the unique premium Incense sticks which many of people would certainly love. Considering the customer base, we do offer some of the offbeat aromas as well. So, choose an Aroma that you really love.
Also, we do offer special Incense sticks whose ingredients are well known to help in deal with negative energy.
Incense sticks we offer are Divine, Keshar Chandan, Mesmerizing Rose (Desi Gulab), Kapoor (Bhimseni), Saffron (Kesar/Keshar)  etc.

Premium Wax Tablets

We do offer  Wax Tablets which is comparatively new air freshner for Wardrobes, cupboards, closets etc.

  • Available in Sandalwood, Vanilla & Strawberry Fragrance & these really are very long lasting .
  • These are to be hung in enclosed area like ward ropes, Closets, Cupboards, Closed shoe racks, study tables etc.
  • These are very unique & can be an ideal gift for near & Dear ones.

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