Floral Seduction- Premium Soy Candles – Refreshing blend of White flowers.

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 •  Floral seduction has a Sweet, Musky, Floral, Intoxicating ,Fine and Smooth and with provide a subtle experience of white flowers while inhaling.

 •  Hand poured Scented Soy wax Candles.

 •  The fragrance of white flowers relaxes you and makes the environment more sensual.

 •  Soy Wax is used is soft & pure & lead-free cotton wicks being used . A biodegradable and eco-friendly product that will give you a clean and long-lasting burn hour of soothing Aroma.

 •  Our selected aroma blends help to relax & relieve stress & give a positive feel, helps in Meditation as well

 •  Soothing aroma which helps in creating a calm & peaceful ambience.

 •  A specially designed & crafted premium box -easy to handle, give fresh look & keep Aroma intact.

 •  Net Weight: 110 Gms/3.9 oz

•  Free Shipping with in Pune & Outside Pune only 35 Rs extra

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Aromatherapy is very well-known & proven science. Premium Soy candles are mostly used by western people as they know their Effectiveness.

We have seen the value in it & decided to offer select soothing aromas. We have done it in an eco-friendly, cost-effective way without any compromise in quality.

Do Try our unique Aroma Candles & Feel the Real Difference !!

We have carefully selected the aroma blends which help relax & relieve stress & give a positive feel, and help in Meditation.

 •  Our Premium soy candles are made using natural Fragrance oil & Soy Wax.

 • Our Premium soy candles Jar can also be a decorative piece. It is the perfect addition to your yoga room, bedroom, kitchen counters and anywhere else you want.

 •  Natural Soy Wax used, soft, pure & lead-free cotton wicks being used as it’s biodegradable and eco-friendly.

 •  Burn Time: Clean & Long lasting burning of 25-28 hours to bring you maximized relaxation.

 •  Our Candle is used as a spa candle, relaxation candle, bath candle, yoga candle or even dinner table candle.

Please do provide your valuable feedback which will help us to improve & add further aromas to our product range.

 •  Floral Seduction

 •  Fruity Burgemia

 •  Blooming buds

 •  Queen berry

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5 reviews for Floral Seduction- Premium Soy Candles – Refreshing blend of White flowers.

  1. Raju

    It’s simply refreshing no other word.Fragrance is certainly a top notch.Will certainly try others as well.
    Quite impressed with the Aroma

  2. Ajit

    If you like floral aroma this is the one.Very refreshing and pleasant Aroma.Will certainly try other products.

  3. Akshay

    A very nice floral fragrance. Really worth every penny. I have used imported ones as well and I can tell that these are certainly at par with global brand

  4. Rushi

    Very decent smell of flower & its throw is really great.Worth the price.

  5. Dilip Pawar

    Exceptionally well..nice, relax and sweet dreams if used bed time

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