Wax Tablets

Very Unique & comparatively new concept in India. These are made of natural Wax infused with Aroma Oils. These tablets/Sachets are to be hung in closed areas like Cupboards, Closets Wardrobes, Study Tables etc.Wax Tablet La Aromas

Our wax Tablets are Handmade, natural, and biodegradable. Does not contain petroleum waxes such as paraffin or microcrystalline wax. Once opened the fragrance will generally last from 2- 4 months depending on the location and climate of use. We do bring in natural Fragrances like Vanilla, Strawberry, Sandalwood etc
It can be a Unique & excellent gift for your loved ones. Birthday gift, housewarming gift, Diwali gift, Christmas gift etc.

For Usage guidelines, you can refer to our page ” Product Usage Guideline

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