Premium Dhoop Sticks

Since the ancient civilization, dhoop is being used for cleansing & purifying our surroundings, aromatherapies, and meditation. It helps in propagating positive thoughts and Supports Spiritual enhancement. Dhoop/incense sticks are widely used around the world for their soothing and calming fragrance. These aromatic dhoop sticks are used for various purposes, rituals & during a social gathering.
No festive occasion or celebration is complete without lighting the Auspicious Agarbatti/dhoop sticks. Lighting incense sticks creates a positive & cool environment in offices, households, shops etc.
Benefits of using Dhoop sticks

Dhoop Sticks • Natural dhoop sticks are better for our body health, mind, and soul. Dhoop enhances focus and concentration during the time we are reading or meditating, it helps in relieving headaches, fights depression and anxiety and reduces tension.
• Dhoop sticks release soothing fragrances and burn steadily that helps to calm our mind and create a peaceful atmosphere.
• Charcoal Free.
• Bamboo Free.
• Holds More Fragrance as there is no bamboo Sticks.

For Usage guideline, you can refer our page ” Product Usage Guideline”

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